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ClioSport Members Directory!

Yes, Ive finally finished it and Jas has added it to the Members Area.

If you goto http://www.cliosport.net and login to the members area, its labelled "Member Profiles" javascript popUp profileredirect.asp ">- click it, and it should take you there.

I have coded the whole thing by hand, using nothing but a text editor, so there may be a few errors... if you find any, please e-mail me on the address given on the site.

The page is a members only area, so thats why you have to login to the ClioSport Members Area first.

Hope you all like it and find it useful,



Ive added everyone who has sent me an e-mail! Its growing.. slowly but surely!



Goto the ClioSport Members Area, Click on Member Profiles.. and it will redirect you.. then click the link at the top where it says you can be added to it!


You have to be a member, so yea.. look on the main page on how to sign-up!


Hiya Daz - any chance you can add a link to the MSN database at the top of the members directory for easy access ?? Cheers!!

For the people who have sent me things and not yet been added,

I will be doing it next week sometime.. I do still have the e-mails waiting to be added!


Members Profiles are down for a bit. Going through a server change and not had chance to transfer my sql database over yet..