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ClioSport Members Special Offer -New 172s

To start with, I have got hold of two, i can get more if demand is high enough. One has gone, so there is one left at the second, it will arrive sometime the middle of this week in Staffordshire. Not much choice in colour at the minute sorry, but I am working hard to get this sorted.

RenaultSport Clio 172 Mk2 2.0 16v (like you didnt know)

UK Car, not import, full Renault Warranty.



CD Changer & sound system.

Climate & Aircon

All the other knobs and whistles.


e-mail me if you are interested."> or call me on 07718 790098

oh yes, and also I can get us:

Pre-Reg Clios in the following at the following prices:

52 reg Clio 1.2 Autentique 3dr. Del Miles, Electric windows, central locking, ABS, Full Warranty (3yrs), 3 yrs AA cover etc. (Choices of colours)

52 reg Clio 1.2 16V Expression 3dr. Del Miles, Electric windows, sunroof, central locking, ABS, Air Conditioning, Smart Wipers, Heated mirrors, Full Warranty (3yrs), 3 yrs AA cover etc. (Choices of colours)

I can also get New Meganes if anyone wants one. £10,500 from the end of the month.
Cups may also be available at the end of the month.


  Audi TT Stronic

yep, tempting if I didnt already have one...

Although you could get an import for slightly (and I do mean slightly) less, I think the advantage of a UK sourced car outweighs the cash saving


Can someone anchor this message.

I will just add it is for Users of Cliosport, not necessarily just members.


That is a very good deal for a UK car. When I got rid of my import, I was offered many laughable figures from many dealers because it was imported and I paid £12300 for mine. If I had the money, Id certainly go for it!

  Silver Fabia vRS

rhys172 - What were you offered for your car? BMW have offered me £10500 for mine but not sure if Im going to buy the 330d yet, going to sllep on it and decide in the morning.


e-mail me with your contact details, and I will sort something out as soon as possible. Yes is the answer, it might be a 2 week wait however.



y0z2a, when you get details of the Cups could you post them up aswell please, cheers.

BTW, What is the retail price of a 172 with Renault at the moment?

List Prices are

172 Cup - 12,999

172 with the options these have are £14,890

(from the renault website.) NB you can get them cheaper imported etc, I know. All I am trying to do is get some good deals for the users. I will put a website up tonight to try and get all of the details of everyone who wants one.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Id have one. Im about 8 Grand short though. :( Im only a poor student.

Can the 172 be bought in the same colour as a cup? I like the colour of the cup but like everythin else about the 172
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i got mine from a renault dealer for 13600 just before christmas, think you would struggle to get one for less, as it took me ages playin two dealers off againt one another - sounds like a good price 2 me.


I saved 3.5G on my cup :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

My friend is a dealer (Renault car sales yeah)

Where can I get information (aside from Renault - they werent too helpful when I phoned) about whether theres newer version of the Clio coming out?

The 172 has been out for a little while now, and Ive test driven both the 172 and Cup, decided to go with the 172, but just need find out if theyre planning any new models/revisions, etc.

Thanks in advance ;)

Cheers tomclio1.2!

Now all I need to do is locate a good deal on a 172. Ive visited a local car supermarket, whore selling them for 12.5K, imported.

However, the catch is it doesnt come with an alarm, and you only get the standard 2 year warranty - maybe Id be better off going back to my dealer and paying another 2K?!

Also, from their website, it says the car was registered in 2000, but its odd as theyve only just taken stock of them (so maybe theyve been sitting around in Portsmouth?!)

Thanks for your help!

Yeah, forgot to mention - the reason why Im looking to buy from a company, is coz I need to get it on an options scheme of some kind.

I didnt think that y0z2a could do that (from how I read his post)
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

They are good prices but I CAN SELL A CUP FOR £10400.00
and a 172 for £11800.00.
However I can only do one of each !!
So its first come, first served !!:)
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Ps yes they are uk spec, no they are not pre-reg, or imports, yes you will be the first owner in the log book and yes you can pick the spec !!