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Cliosport sticker

Got me membership through , gonna put my sticker on after a wash and polish, although it appears that most of the members are up Norf as I have never seen a Clio down Sourf with a sticker, havent even seen a Clio 172 per say on the road when I have been in mine

Cant seem to log onto the members area though even with password supplied. Will mail admin and get them to sort it out.

hiya neal

where abouts r u cos? ive only seen one 172 on the road near me and i travel across north london from east to west.


Im in Warfield in Berkshire, travel to Uxbridge every weekday. Funny though coz at work people ask Whats that? pointing to my car, I say Its a Renaultsport Clio 172 they say A what? LOL. Tis true

mate, thats better then the comment i got from me mates sister who drives a CTR. having looked out of the window at it from the side profile she honestly thought that my car was a nissan micra! i know its hard to believe but some people are that clueless! but driving a CTR should have set alarm bells ringing that she knows sh*t about motors other then when u press the pedal on the right it seems to move!


Hehe, they even say that a Clio is a girlies car (sorry girlies) and that a bloke should not be seen dead in one!!!! If only they knew, if only.

u should get these people into the passenger seat and show what the little girlie car can do! i had to do that with my mates who are all exclusivly RST boys or vw gti and vr6 boys, all nice cars but most are pants when up aginst the little clio in a road race combining straights and corners!!! handles like a go-cart is wat most said when they climbed out me car once they stopped shaking!


True, I have only had it 2 months, what an awesome wolf in sheeps clothing it is. I am so impressed with the performance and handling, makes my wifes face turn white when she gets in it, but she perfers her MG ZR (yuk) although I do say what a nice car my dear
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


I too live in Warfield.

I have seen Druddles 172 about the place (he lives in Bracknell) you dont happen to sometimes park in the newly built estate in Warfield do you...visiting someone or somthing...cos Ive seen a silver mk2 172 parked up a couple of times in my estate...