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ClioTeam Meeting in Portugal

  A silver Honda

Thats not enough lol.

Love the Mk2 in white though.

Renault should release a white clio cup special edition:D

clio16v1996 in the meeting i think there was only one Clio 1.5dci 65hp (remap & Intercoller with 100hp) with sunroof....its expensive and the summer here its too hot so people prefer Air-Con..

CupCake that would be nice....;) weve already add a meeting with the ClioCub from spain...

Andy_16v yes theres a megane coupe in the photo...

jamiec This photo was taken from a higher a m8 from nick its TelmoChaparro

Just one thing that i didnt mention...all the clio 2 ph2 in the pic are 1.2 16v or 1.5 dci...very few have other engine....taxes are high :(

And here we dont have a CUP version :(
  Ziel Nurburgring

I think a 172/182 in plain white like some of the std clios would look the nuts. They look a little like a cupracer, wish its was an option.

Quote: Originally posted by Winston on 11 February 2005

Theres 3 Mk1s and 1 valver;)
yes.. one is mine :) I try always to appear in the meetings. :) do u want to show us your machine in the next event?? :)
  FRST and 106 GTi

I missed this meeting!! grrrr I was 350km away and my clio isnt finished. :(

I hope I join you guys in the next one, even if its a small meet just for coffee and chat. I will go on the fiesta btw :p