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Clutch Change - Clio 16v How Much

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Anyone know how much i should be looking at?? DD Quoted me £250 + VAT inc Parts.

A local garage - £250 + Parts

Anyone know someone that could do it? What sort of price should it be, and what clutch should i go for?

Its an engine out job, so £250 is reasonable. The lowest Ive ever been quoted for the engine out is £200, so another £50 for the clutch fitting isnt bad.
  Audi S3

anyone know if hillpower would do a cluch change if so how much!

i know i could ring but im really lazy and it is 6.30

  clio williams, Ph1 172

I paid £260 for mine includin a genuine Renault clutch. That was well cheap. I had quotes around £500. £700 from renault. I was lucky to find a boke who could fit it for me who worked for renault and he did it on the side.

Ill do it for ya Nick if ya want. Had my valver engine in and out and replaced it with a Willy lump. Clutch is awkward but not an engine out job