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clutch maybe worse

  pb ph2 172
basically my ph2 172 started by vibrating the whole car like mad when pulling away in first or reverse and down changing in to second but the rest of the time it was fine i later found the top two engine mounts had gone one of which had snapped in half so i replaced all the mounts but the problem was still there however two or so miles down the road it started squealing when i depressed the clutch then suddenly all the problems went and it drove fine for a few hours not one vibration or squeal then the squealing came back and the vibration is worse than ever right though the clutch pedal as well also there is a strong smell of burning clutch even though the bite feels ok and it doesnt seem to be slipping from what i can tell
help please
  cliosport 172
hi im having a similar problem in my ph2 172, its just had its clutch replaced and now theres a vibration through the car from takeoff and through 1st and 2nd! just need to check my top gearbox mounting.

let me know how you get on