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Clutch Question?


ClioSport Club Member
I had my clutch cable changed a few weeks back and she was running fine, really smooth and silent. Tonight after around 30 mins the clutch has started to creak again:dapprove:

Could this mean that a new clutch is needed?
Or does the cable need a grease/ adjusting/replacing?

Cheers Fletcher.
I had this on mine. I had a new cable fitted, it lated about 3 days and then it was back. However, I found out that the actual ratchet mechanism is what it creaking, not the cable. Get the ratchet mechanism replaced and it should be fine!
Fletch ive had my clutch replaced on my 182, was well smooth for a couple of months then went creaky now it is well random some times its really smooth and other times its just plain awful, im sure its not the actual clutch??.....


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for the feedback guys.

rwaterman the clutch isn't slipping and when cold she works fine, so it's probably the cable
ratchet mechanism.

Two sugars how much did it cost you to change the ratchet mechanism?

Cheers Fletch.