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CM Composites brake air deflector fitting


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
Bought a set of the below ages ago ready to fit this year, just been outside to try and roughly line them up to where I would want them, however wherever I put them there is only going to be one rivet holding it on each side at the top, which I can’t see being good enough to secure them, how have others mounted them? The proper ex cup racer ones I believe have an extra bottom mount which bolts to the wishbone area.

  Golf R and a 172 Cup
Two at the top works just fine, not cm composites deflectors but same principle.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
The cm ones are dog s**t, I bought them, offered them up and put them in the bin😂

Similar thing when we tried to fit a set to my mates car.

They bend that far towards the brakes that it hits the brake lines/caliper on full lock.

Would have needed a fair bit trimming off.

Better off making your own.