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cobra clubmans

I ordered 4 Corbeau Clubmans, they should have taken 3 weeks, after 7 weeks waiting a bloke phoned me and said they were sending me the Forza Sport instead! not sure about the subframe fitting but ive been told you have to get rid of the back seats if you want harness! Like mine quite comfy, look nice and really racey!

my mate has the monacos, which are really smart, unless ur really small, as they are quite wide.. but if you can stretch your budget, go for the imola ones. look alot better!

they look good enough for me, its more comfort wise wat theyre like and fitting. yea stripped as a 2 seater styleeeee so no backs anyway


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My mate had some in his saxo till they got nicked.

Id say theyd do you fine mate!

i have them but i aint managed to fit em yet, no subframes yet. the sitting in them on your floor test proved comfy but obviously i only sat there for a few mins


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  A35 AMG


There gorgeous, i loved mine and really miss them, and im sure waitey will tell you how nice they are now his little arse is sitting in them.

I have 16v Stitched into mine, and with subrames it came to around £320

I then bought 3 point harnesses to go with them (£80)

I love the 172 interior and dunno if i could put buckets in it, but these seats look really nice and dont give you a numb arse! i drove for 9 hours upto scotland with CS last year and i was fine.


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  Rangie Sport, Alpina

Ben they are great! Very supportive and comfortable over long distances. I was driving for 3 hours today with no discomfort at all.

cool thanx guys and bubs! i remember yours bubblys they were nice thats y i thought about em, but i saw em when u first got em so didnt know if they were long distance comfy as nor did u really at that point!


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  A35 AMG

There not as harsh as some of the others.. they have a big plumpy comfy seat :D and they look great (and there wipe clean!)

I had clubmans in an old car! Absolutely loved em mate. Really comfy. Mate had the Monza or whatever the next model up was and they were arse numbingly uncomfy!

Quote: Originally posted by Bubbles on 19 March 2005
<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #407db6">There not as harsh as some of the others.. they have a big plumpy comfy seat :D and they look great (and there wipe clean!)

ummmm... wipe clean? :eek:

ok peeps i think i gonna go for em.

anyone know where the cheapest place to get em from is? do we get discount with anywhere that sells em too?