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Cobra daytona thought please

  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
hiya all.. i currently have cobra daytonas fitted to my car which i do really love!! apart from they rattle! (well the passenger side does) when nobody is sat in it!which is 99% of the time!! its the bloody recliner part.. that i think has to much play in it! tried various ways to stop it but it still does it! :(

was thinking about something like this that doesnt recline - should just go back and forth?

will they just bolt in to the existing bolted slide frames?! guessing they will :)??!!
do i live with it or try something different - still need to get in the back now and again! :)
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
Wife has said buy a new exhaust to drown the noise out for when shes not sat in it!

sounds a better idea and when i come to sell it fixed wont sell as good as recliners! imo! :)