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Cobra Exhaust too loud!!!

  Phase 1 Clio 172
Hello, I'm new to this and have a bit of an unnusual problem/question.

I just bought myself a Ph2 172 that has a full stainless steel Cobra exhaust (including Cat). It sounds great at high revs but on motorway driving (which is mostly what I do) it does my head in.

Is there any way, short of changing the exhaust, I can make it quieter. Given that I'd have to get a new cat, changing the exhaust would be expensive.
  BMW M6 & 172 Phase 1
Your best bet would be advertising it on here either for sale or as a straight swap for an OEM exhaust.

Or, if you keep an eye out you should be able to pick up a second hand exhaust on here for not too much money.