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coilovers, advice please...


ClioSport Club Member
right, i found out today that when i get paid i may be getting a £500ish bonus because of pay rises etc, so ive decided the sensible thing to do is put it into some decent coilovers!

ive head a lot of good stuff for FK's, are they the best to go for?got a 2004 dynamique 1.2 16v.

with them being ride and height adjustable, does this mean i can adjust both from the top mounts under the bonnet and in the boot?is it easy, ie a socket on the top?

or do i have to be under the car?

anyone got any preference and reasons please, got to be less than £500 though including fitting as i need to buy some turbines aswell so £500 limit!
There the best value there not the bst best are custom made Leda but thats £1.5k ish.
To adjust the height you've got to remove the wheels at the front rears can be done with wheels on just jack it up and adjust it.
No one ever realy adjsuts the height once its set get the tracking done and leave it.
Only the expensive FK stuff is ride adjuatbel in damper there no need to bother with it though IMO once you find a setting you like with adjustable you'll find the none adjustable was the same setting.

I'd get the FK's though.


ClioSport Club Member
its a shame, been told i wont be getting a bonus now, so therefore they will have to wait, im very pi55ed off!!

thought i was gonna have a slammed ride for christmas!