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Coilovers for a 172 Cup. £600 budget. Options?

  Freetrack&Monaco 172
Finally got about 3 months worth of overtime through from work as they had 'lost my paperwork', have about £600 set aside to put towards a set of coilovers maybe a little more if I think its really worth it. Have my cambelt to pay for too and pay the Mrs for the holiday to NY she kindly put on her CC.....and I could do with getting a decent set of front pads as the motor factors' ones on my Cup are cheap and nasty an I regret only spending £22 on them lol. fail. Thats another story though.

I've not managed to get any trackdays in this year due to being sent overseas with work a lot but looking to start in the spring.

I'd like at least rebound adjustment for different use every day vs track days and only looking for up to about 45mm lower from standard as I dont do 'slammed', as not practical for me.

Basically looking for recommendations of what I should get.

I used to work for AVO as a Saturday job 6-7 years ago so may go and see what they have to offer as they are based about 1/2 mile from where I live, so any issues I have are more likely to be easily sorted......and I may be able to score some discount but there doesnt seem to be much feedback about their products. Anyone recommend them? The stuff I have found is promising with good reviews.

There are a few sets available through K-Tec but I dont really know what I am looking for between the brands, and would prefer to spend the whole budget on a set of coils and have a good enjoyable experience with them rather than buy the cheaper option and be dissapointed.

Any ideas?