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colour code pics

  Chocolate Bar™

looks good. how much did that set you back (colour code)

just asking because mine will be done at the end of summer :)
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Looking good!

Even colourcoding a black car makes a big difference ;)- urs looks a lot better now too :D
  E60 diesel powah

looks weird lol but in a good way! first time ive seen a ph3 colour coded..mines in on we wil see results of mine! looks gd tho mate (y)
  E60 diesel powah

save up mate! mines in for tomoro, and ive had mine dropped 60mm with 16s mk2 172 wheels, 172 back bumper n side strips so im gettin my front bumper and door handles done for £80!

^^^^^Why 40mm springs? Not rather 60mm? ^^^^^

i didnt get the 60mm because i get lot of fat people sitting in the back of my car. Also not a good driver/ parking, i would damage the front end due to hitting kerb.