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Come full circle, back in a fast clio.. hello!

  172 Cup Track Daily
Hello all, I'm Tom/Tommy..

I was a member here a good few years ago when I owned my first car, being a Mk1 1.2 Clio that was lowered almost beyond driveability, with cream leather interior. I then moved on to own a Mk1 Ph1 Clio Williams number 112 which I adored, but eventually could not afford to keep running properly at the time.

Then delved into the world of RWD cars and drifting, going through a wide range of cars of varying rubbishness before the present day, where I have now recently purchased a 172 Cup.. instantly loving being back in a fast hatch again! The Cup needs a bit of love thrown at it so I will get a project thread up soon and keep it updated.

So yeah, that's me.. I'll look forward to being an active member on here :cool: