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With all this talk of warranty again, I decided to chase up Renault Uk about mine..(waiting for a reply in writing still) when I told them the chassis no. they said that that car had been regestered Dec 01.. BUT my V5 says March 02 and its an 02 reg, but they said their info was correct and the DVLA had made a mistake. How can that be true if the car has an 02 plate, surely they would have issued a 51 plate back in Dec 01?? :confused:
  VW Potato

when you gave reno the chassis number, Im surprised they didnt come back and say something like according to our records, that belongs to a Toyota Camry.



ClioSport Club Member
  EV (s)

looks like another "park it in the managers office" job

The DVLA insist that their info is correct as they certainly wouldnt have issued an 02 reg in Dec 2001!!!!!!

Renault?.....B*****KS more like :sick:

Quote: Originally posted by Scudetto on 06 February 2003

when you gave reno the chassis number, Im surprised they didnt come back and say something like according to our records, that belongs to a Toyota Camry.

lol :DWish it did say that, then at least I could go to Toyota...gotta be better than these idiots!!!!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Was it a import that you bought ?

If so then it is possible that the car was registered abroad, therefore showing on Renaults data base that it was registered.

Then when imported into the uk, registered with the dvla and therefore giving a registed date of what your log book shows. The two are two compleatly different things.

This is a common problem with buying a impoted car.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Well its what i do for a living, so hopefully i would have some knowledge of the motor trade.

Sorry that sounds really sh*tty dont it !! But you know what i mean !!

Thanx Leigh, Ive asked the garage where I bought it to explain... waiting for a respopnse, its only 3 months difference but its an extra year warrenty difference, and the bloke at Renault has said hell try and get me the extra this space.......:(

Out of interest a friend of mine brought a BMW from South Africa, when she registered it here, they gave her a reg mark that was the same age as the car ie, 3 years old and not one of the date she registered it.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Yer if the car is a few years old that will happen. But if its only a few months then they do what they did with yours.

I would think that you will only get the three months difference on the warranty, not a whole year. Thats if Renault decide to sort it for you.

Due to there only being a three month gap between what renault say and what the dvlc say.

I contacted the garage where I bought the car, (as they said it was another branch of theirs who suplied it new) for an explanation five days ago, still no reply, so if anyone is concidering buying a car from


check it out very carefuly first. :mad: