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Connects 2 installation tips

  182 FF
Just recieved my connects 2 for tuner list. Anyone got any cool installation tips? E.g where to feed the cable from? Glovebox vs ashtray etc

And how small have your hands got to be to feed the box down by the gear stick! Lol
if you do gear stick-pull out the ash tray,then pull out the whole of that console. then you can pull out the trim that is below the air con adjusters and feed the cable all the way down :)

glovebox option most people just d/c the light to feed through
  182 FF
Hi Matt, i added and 3.5mm 2m mini jack to mini jack and ran it through the dash and then through the steering wheel well and back up so it sits by the stork controls and sits nicely in my i phone cradle which allows me to control it with my right hand. :D

Looks and sounds great.