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conversion - snaps

heh, 2 cars, blue one with a willie lump in it, black one with a 1.8 16v lump, willie lump is goin into the black one, with loads of new bits, cambelt, group n clutch alt belt, tensioners, oil filter, swapping gearbox too, silicone hoses, dizzy, erm, everything in the engine bay, driveshafts, rear discs, calipers, suspension, new mounts, etc etc.

then the 1.8 lump is gettin stripped down and rebuilt to touring car spec on tbs ;) - if i ever get round to it lol 9k rev limit, then flog that engine. or keep it whateva, find a donour car - dont know yet.

and the reson why is that the black ones gearbox n clutch went, plus the engine aint a willie lump.

manifolds have both been sprayed aluminium now, just waiting for the inlet to dry then whack it back on.


good work son,

wish i had the space to undertake such conversions,

where did you source the tensioners from? im having trouble finding them, even 16v ones, of course i wont got to renault.

im gona sell off the parts and then have the scrappie come and pick up the rear quarters and chassis i reckon, unless someone gives me a good price for the shell lol, erm, i doubt that tho.

lofty mate, tensioners, get em from andyspares, upper and lower, cant remember the price but they are cheap as chips.

oh yeah - got some more pics lol

mmmmm shiny inlet ;)


how did you clean up the inlet manifold? simple de-greaser,

dont know why im asking because the engine has been taken to the bloke for fitting so i cant do anything about it now, i couldnt get the tensioners from andyspares (GSF) got them from euro in the end

erm, we raped it with a wire brush and some wet n dry, took most of the muck off, then sprayed directly onto it. came up a treat...

i just hope i can get it back in the bay without marking the bugger.