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Cool stats for mk.1 172....

  CTR EK9 turbo

Just sifting through my old mags and found a rather agreeable one as most mk.1 172 owners will, agree!:) Its within the article of a "battle" between mk.1 172, 206 gti, proton gti and ford puma. Its an auto express one and the times are as follows:

0-60 - 6.5 :)
30-70 thru gears - 5.8
30-50 in 3rd - 4.4
40-60 in 4th - 5.9
50-70 in 5th - 9.4
MPG - 28.5
weight - 1035 kg
top speed - 138 mph

From Auto Express issue 599 May 2000

mustve been a goodun ;)

cup was tested at 6.5 ....3 secs quicker to a ton LOL

backs up the cup being 10kg lighter than a mk1 take out my spare and kit mines lighter than a cup :D

See the weight you keep on refering to is this the made up weight renault gave for the mark 1 and mark 2? You are sadly mistaken if you think a standard mark 1 with no spare will beat a Cup or even match it. Cup wont destory it but if both lined up side by side and floored at same time Mark 1 will get beat not by much but beat.

The 3 secs reference is the 0-100 time of the 172 that was mentioned above was it not like 19 secs to 100? Which seems way off considering the other times! Did you not see the ;)

made it up haha seriously do you think all the test engineers etc got together and said i know lets pretend it weighs 1035kg LOL do you expect me to believe that well..

how much does the frickin bonnet weigh on the mk1/aluminium?

Cus aluminium is at least half the weight of steel..

Go look on the main page stats mark 1 and mark 2, and look up the old weight bridge thread. It only came out about the extra weight when they told everyone about the correct weight or the Cup.

ive already seen it....

ill explain again

they said 1098mk1 with full tank of fuel

so 1098-fuel-spareandkit= 1023kg

i cant verify for this test. Dont cars have to be weighed etc prior to be certified rd worthy

also the aluminium bonnet theory doesnt add up in that weight test unless the bonnet (steel) weighs peanuts. Cus steel is over twice as heavy.

Going by your way of thinking then the the mark 2 weighs 1120 kgs - 75 = 1045 and the Cup is supposed to weigh 89 kg less than a mark 2 so that means the cup weighs 932 LOL I love your logic.

theres deff more than 20kg diff in the mk1 and mk2

steel vs aluminium

+ Xenons

+ bigger wheels

+ other bits which i cant remember

+ u aint worked that out right at all

i like your logic LOL

Renault stated the mark 2 as 1040 kg and every mag that tested the cup when it was released were taking 90 kg away from that to give the Cups weight. It then came out that they had infact been BS about the weight of the mark1/2 172 and infact they weighed nearer 1100 kg, making the cups weight about 1020 not in the 900s like ppl thought. So from your logic and renaults figures the normal 172 mark 2 weighs only 1040 without fuel and the Cup weighs 1021 without fuel even tho its "90kg" lighter?

Xeons weigh no more than a standard bulb I would think, it has 1 inch bigger wheels WHHHOOOPPPY apart from that there is very little difference. Not anything thats going to make it near 90 kg heavier.

This is begining to hurt my head LOL....Night 172man (I like our weekly 1 a.m disagreements :D!) Are you on msn BTW?

Right off to bed, I will no doubt reply @ 5 tomoz when im back from work (something to look forward to :sick:) Night

ren are snidey b******s though

the cup is supposed to weigh 1021kg which is fuel + wheel plus the glass blah blah taken off 1120kg

well 1031kg
  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive read/heard somewhere that weigh bridges arent accurate for weighing cars - this is due to the suspension/wheels pushing out the weighing stalls/stands onto the sides of the walls thus giving a strange reading. Ill try and find it again soon and tell yall. In order to get accuracy you have to weigh the car at each corner (or something). It doesnt really matter with trucks which is what the weighbridges were intended for.

The reason us mk.1 172s are wondering about the weight is because of these factors: the mk.2 has closer gearing and induction tract (why would they change these if the difference in weight was only 21 kg?), all the extra stuff that the mk.2 has: climate control, larger wheels (more metal must weigh more!), different/higher-grade interior plastics, those fancy gas discharge lights are supposed to be quite heavy, different body panels including front light washers, rain sensing wipers, stiffer chasis revisions?. Surely all those things would add up to more than 21 kg? or maybe im just not being realistic.

So if seats, windscreen, air con, abs, blue lights, spare wheel adds up to 89 kg then all the stuff the mk.2 172 (normal) has over the mk.1 can add up to 75kg? (hmmm, im wondering about that....75 is a lot actually)

I wonder if theres a more accurate way of weighing the cars?

But if you look at the stats, the mk.1 was timed at 6.5 to 60 by the mags some said 6.6 top gear even said 7.1 then 6.9. The CUP is timed at 6.5, 6.8, 6.9 ive seen. But with its shorter gears accelerates to 100 quicker than the mk.1 because not only is it lighter, but it has those special gears and the different torque curve. Thats why the CUP is the quickest.

I need to get me a mk.2 gearbox!

simon good points

theres loads more kit with the mk2 they just ripped it all out again lol

Xenons fancy light are heavy

and if the mk1 bonnet weighs 10kg then the mk2 must weigh at least 20kg

theres 10 kg already
  CTR EK9 turbo

oh and those cars weighed werent standard. Had magnex exhaust systems which apparently weighed noticeably more. Do the cars in question have subs?

thats why i cant take those guys results seriously

i cant really see ren lying

what IMHO i think happened is they didnt update the weight section of there info manual for the mk2

like you said why would they alter the gearing and induction etc etc
  CTR EK9 turbo

all i know is that my manual says 1035 kg unladen and 1490 kg. It was the first mk., the mk.1 and when the mk.2 came out with all the extra stuff the weight was unchanged at 1035 kg also which doesnt make any sense.

So us mk.1 owners need to buy the mk.2 gear box and airbox, throttle body and remove our spare wheels!! ;)


the brochure will b to do with the marketing team id suspect and they didnt think to change the weight?

i remember all the extras added it was quite a lot
  CTR EK9 turbo

but i think mk.2 owners manuals also say 1035 unladen weight? so they couldnt be arsed to change it, or all those extras are made from carbon/titanium