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Clio Cup stats

  CTR EK9 turbo

Does anyone have any officially tested results for the CUP, mk.1 172, mk.2 172?

Itd be nice to have a table comparing all the 0-60, 0-100, 30-70,50-70 etc albeit similar.

The CUP should really be a fair bit quicker than the mk.1 as its lighter and has the mk.2 throttle body (better torque curve i believe). Also has the weight been decided on the CUP yet? ive read that it weighs 1021 kg which is 89kg lighter than the mk.2 172s. Most places say that it is 8% lighter than the Clio 172 mk.2s which means that the mk.2 172s must weigh: 1112.5 kg.

So here, or so ive researched and am led to believe are the weights for the cars.

These are DRY weights - i.e. no fuel, no fluids, no drivers.

Mk.1 172 - 1035 kg

Mk.2 172 - 1112.5 kg

Mk.2 172 CUP - 1021/3 kg

I think we need to arrange a weighbridge session near a petrol station. Fill the cars up. Bin the spare wheel on MK1 and MK2 as cup has no spare. Make sure no other non std. items on cars. Then weigh and compare!

Someones already weighed the three cars, with a full tank of petrol!

MK1 with alloy bonnet - 1093KG

MK1 without alloy bonnet - 1100KG

MK2 - 1120 KG

I have no idea where Renault cooked the 1035 KG or the 1050 KG from????

All official Renault documentation shows the Mk 2 172 kerbweight as 1035kg - dont know where they get that from. I thought it was about 1075 / 1080

The Kerb weight of the Cup is 1021 kgs which i believe is diferent to dry, the gross weight is 1346 kgs.

The 0-62 is 6.9s

1/4mile/400m in 14.8s

All according to Renault.


Auto car/ EVO/ CCC tested 6.5 to 62 and 16.9 to 100 pretty much spot on though!

Shouldnt be hard to get it down to 6 dead..........;)

Weight is 935Kg

Well that mine anyway with a full tank (interor trim and rear bench etc removed - awaitng my R-Sport race seats and cage in new year to relieve even more weight!

Cup is 10% lighter therefore it stands to reason it is 10 % quicker - which it is

0-60 = 7.2 (172)

10% = approx 0.7 secs

7.2 - 0.7 = amazing 6.5 !!!!

Simple maths peeps

another 10% of weight = 6 secs to sixty

eventually ull hit 60 in 0.7 secs if u keep removing weight - prove me wrong!

when you get down to silly weight, youll have NO traction and 0-60 times will start goin up...........;)

or if we get to the point where the only actual mass lies in the drive train, or even say that the engine and drivetrain weigh nowt, then 172BHP powering the wheels only, in reverse, inertial forces would lead to teh car flipping over its own driven wheels....LOL~~


Actually Cupsize the MK2 has been tested to 6.6 and low 17s to 100, so bang goes yer theory. Also stick a mate in yer car and come up against me in my MK2 and well be dead even.

BTW where do you get 7.2 to 60? Renaults official UK website states "just seven seconds to 62!"

That would concur with the times achieved in both mags and at trax earlier this year.

Lordy.......all these figures. I have the Mk 2 172 Brochure in front of me now and it states 0-62 7.2 secs. Seeing as it hits the rev limiter at 60 would I be wrong in surmising that 7.2 includes a gearchange and that maybe that explains why some people quote the Mk2 172 as just over 7 to 60 and some seem to get nearer 6.5???

It would explain a lot (there are 2 reputable magazines who have tested the mk2 172 to 60 in around 6.6). Or am I spouting a load of old crap!!?

I also happen to have the Cup brochure from when I was considering dicing with no ABS (JOKE!) and it states 0-62 6.9 secs.

Dont know why Im bothering to add to this anyway, because there is no way my 172 feels quick to me anyway :( but thats my fault for jumping from turbo to N/A. Still its a lovely car!!

My cup seems to be faster than the 172 by a cars lenth to 60, but it really depends on whos drivin it and how heavy u are!! sounds silly but if u only weigh 9 stone or somat then u are gonna be slightly quicker! throw in a few Cds a sub woofer and a set of speakers and a few burgers if ya fat and 60 will take 7 seconds or more! i can say it will definantly do 60 in 6.6 if you keep it in second gear!

it will be quite hard for any of you to hit 7 secs even to get 60 on the rd.........its not an every time all the time occurance.
  320d M Sport

i got 7.1 with Joe and his AP22........ with full tank peccy, AND Joe in the car. Not sure how accurate they are though??
  320d M Sport

Hi mate, not at all! was 17.3 to 100 as well, that was with 3000 miles on, Im certain itd be quicker now though. Plus im not the greatest at quick starts either!


teady172 ...if the Mk2 has been tested to 6.6 then my theory holds - the Cup is obviously quicker than the 172 as standard out of the factory so that means then the cup will be hitting quicker times than the Mk2? Yes? - its common sense man - whatever the standard 172 does the cup does it quicker - tested against me mates Mk2 anyway and the Mk1 V6 - cup comes out tops in both instances (as proven by Renault magazine a few months ago - the cup whipped the Mk1/Mk2 /Mk1 V6 (all except the racers) - and by a hefty margin around the track. I think youll find the Mk1 was 6.6 not the Mk2 - no mag has ever tested the Mk2 to 6.6 - if so theyll sonn be testing the cup to 6 dead - like I said in the first place! Ive also had 4 peeps in my motor with a Mk2 172 and it was level so its not a simple matter of shoving another person in my car and bang both cars are equal again! :D ;)
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cupsize - what have you removed from your CUP? have you stripped it down completely? the clio cup racers weigh 930 kg.... im sure it says on the Renaultsport website.....


If you do a search for a test that Rich-D did with a Cup, MK2 and a V6 the three cars were all more or less equal, he used the AP performance meter!

RE: the 4 ppl in your car, that is not possible going by your theory that weight is everything. Lets do the math:

4 People in your car thats say 80 KG per person = 320 KG + 1021KG = 1341KG = 128 BHP/Tonne.

1 person in the 172 = 80 KG + 1100 = 1180 KG = 145 BHP/ Tonne.

Thats a difference of 17 BHP/tonne, thats more than the difference between the Cup and the 172 as it stands with no one in the car. So going by the above figures you would have thought the 172 would pull away with relative ease!

I have stated over in the other thread that the MK2 has been timed in Autoexpress at 6.7 and it was timed at Trax this year at 6.6