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Cooper S-Boy - you have ordered the wrong car!!!


  Shiny red R32

"It takes some car to beat the Cooper S. And this is it"

Cooper S-Boy have you bought this weeks Autocar? If not go out and buy it, so that you can see that the Clio beats the Cooper S!

Why not go and visit your dealer just in case it isnt too late to cancel your order??

Otherwise, when you meet any of us at the traffic lights, you will be left behind!


  Shiny red R32

Sorry, I didnt mean to repeat that, I though it hadnt worked properly.

GR, dont shout too loudly because the Clio Cup beat the Cooper-S whereas 8 weeks ago the S was voted higher than the 172. These things dont mean anything really do they ?

Also, there was no question that the 172 was faster anyway, it was the other things that boosted the Cooper-S wasnt it as the 172 was the fastest round the track.


  Shiny red R32

" the time they reach 60mph the Clio has already humiliated the Cooper, thrashing it with a punishing 1.1 sec quicker time of 6.5 sec.

At 100mph the Renault is LONG GONE, screaming past three figures in a genuinely impressive 16.9 sec, exactly five seconds quicker than the Cooper!!



  Shiny red R32

Never mind Cooper-S Boy, at least the Cooper has "more jewellery attached to it"!

Seem to remember in Evo, that the Cooper S only knocked the clio off the top slot as an all round package, had firmer handling and better cornering, not performance, mk1 172 would wipe floor with one....and they look sh*te

Arnt we grown up Girl Racer. I was wondering how long it would take you.
Had to laugh at the 50-70 in top gear though...Mmmmmmm Clio has 5 gears......Cooper S has 6. No wonder there is a difference.
PS Buy a copy of this months EVO and the verdict couldnt be more different. (Neither could the performance figures.)

Take you have got a cup the GR cause I cant see your MK 2 causing me many problems.
Hopefully going to look at the cup in the near future as my bird is after a new car and this could be the one.


  Shiny red R32

CSB, you might have to hurry up though, as I think there are only going to be 400 made and if too many people read the Autocar, there might not be any Cups left.

I am sure that is the reason why Renault gave Auto Car Jurno a healthy tip GR!!
Just like BMW have done with every magazine to do a press release on the mini!


EVO mag = rock apes

& 6 gears is not an should ge there faster then...hence, in gear.
  CTR EK9 turbo

I test drove the Mini Cooper S - very nice to drive indeed! gave a beautiful whine as the supercharger, charged. Bit of a dodgy place for the intercooler, seems to have been bolted on where the Pulsars had their interwarmers placed - could it cause problems in slow heat inducing instances? or are superchargers not affected by it? Anyway, the handling on the mini was very nice, and as soon as it started to understeer, a strange light came on on the dash and the cars engine power became much less and instantly stopped me experimenting - i presume you can turn this off. The torque was impressive 3-up too! I really liked the sat nav gps and the build quality was very good too. Although performance wise - the only one to be worried about (on my behalf) would be the cooper Ss with the 210 bhp john cooper upgrade, which i think is still being developed? Id love to drive one with that much power. The 160 bhp one felt torquey, but no way near as quick as my clio. Love the Cooper S tho, my bro is thinking of getting one, were a bit dubious about the looks, but i dont care about looks too much to be honest as long as the driving experience is good then im satisfied.

I cant bash this car. Its such fun on the back roads and is more solid on cornering.

My Clio is more raw and has more Grunt and it will stay with me as long as Renault dont P11S me off.

But, if they do its a hairdressers car for me
  CTR EK9 turbo

Must say, if it wasnt for the looks + cost id consider one seriously. I love german build quality, but it comes at a price! £14,600 for the base cooper S without everything apart from the supercharger. Another good thing is the TLC free servicing idea for 5 years for £100. Does this mean that i can have the oil changed every 1000 miles if i wish?

Ive never driven any of these modern hot hatches, so some of you might as well stop reading now!

However, I would consider that Im a hardcore hot-hatch fan - and thus fall directly into this sales category. I love hot hatches and, despite my Renault bias, am not afriad to acknowledge another good hot hatch.

To me, the appeal of the two cars is very different. The Mini is a really fab car, no doubting that. Its also got a good following of enthusiast drivers - which is good, as I expected like many that it would unfairly attract only the Hairdresser Brigade (you know, white convertible Suzuki Jimny with wide arches types). The Clio 172/Cup seems also to attract hardcore fans too - but ones that appreciate different qualities.

To me, the 172 and Cup really look the part of a no-nonsense hot hatch - along with the 205 GTi, 5 Turbo, 106 GTi, Clio 16v/Williams and possibly the Golf GTi Mk 1. The Mini is a bit too stylish for this bunch, but thus loses out on hot-hatch cred.

The Clio and Mini are based on very different basic cars with different clientele in mind - both by design and by buying realities.

If its considered relevant, Im going to be buying a second car (for work etc) in about nine months, for myself and girlfriend to share. The boggo Mini is high on the list becuase it makes a lot of sense in town - but not because its got hot hatch appeal. See what I mean?

The Mini may be a fantastic package and probably more tuneable than the 172/Cup (due to the supercharger - wheee!!) - but in hot hatch terms its going to get a beating from a lot of established favourites.

It was a shame that the Autocar article made so much fuss over the 172 to Cup linkage, but when it talked of the Williams it forgot about the 16v!! Still, the Williams was more of a moded 16v than the Cup is a moded 172. Renault should have given the Cup 200ccs more, better transmission and some gold wheels too!!

I think the Mini is mining...would have the 172 anyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But to be honest, ifI had that much money to spent, I wouldnt spend it on either, I think the CIvic Type r is a much more better buy!!!!!!

Some very good and honest points raised there. Obviousley the odd daft one too but on the hole respeck!
I too look forward too having my car upgraded to 205 bhp in January!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Err thats not what Ive read the Works kit has been put on hold while BMW develop a new engine. The current unit cant reliably take the power.

Face it a 172 (not cup) will waste a cooper s

haha, funny thing a while ago.
in brighton some block (yuppie type) was sitting in his cooper S at the light, lookin cool, music blastin.

i was next to him, checkin oput his car (the wheels look bloody ridiculous!!! like a load of bananas!!). ANyway, he started revving thinking me in my MK1 XR2 is a young boy racer (im baby faced i am ), and im currently rebuilding my MK1 to a "fun" (read- silly) spec so its covered in scratches, the side decals are missin on one side wheels are correded and un painted..its real dusty too (GR, wanna help?).
well, hes spinnin that whiney little thing with his shades on. and so i casually move my hand to the magic switch which releases a nice little boost of power...dum dee dum.

He screams off and i cant put full throttle till 3000rpm (about 10-15mph haha). when it came in though, i dont hink he was too happy with his new toy!!!

so wheni went past, i swithched off my ignition, allowed a bit of fuel to pass through into the exhaust (its a carb) then switched it back on whilst making a gun out of my fingers *BANG*....a huge flame shoots out the exhaust (bad for the baffles i know, but its soo much fun scaring old ladies at bus stop and driving though rough hoods!).

HAHAHA......i just smoked you!...
well, not really....just got past, barely.

i feel a big tit now
  Clio 197

I never take Autocar too seriously. They tend to love the Peugeots and I remember them ranking the Pug Coupe higher than the Merc in one article. Whatever, they seem to have a bias toward French products and have been giving them rave reviews for years. Still, I think that the 172 Cup has something going for it especially when you take price into account.

Works kit been put on hold while they develop a bigger engine....You know ya stuff dont ya Paul....or maybe not.
Orders are currently been taken my freind. I believe the only thing that is up in the air at the moment with it is the TLC package and wetehr or not it will be effected. Of course I may be wrong but seen as I have one on order and that has come straight from Sytner BMW I seriousley doubt it.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

So do you have a date when it will be fitted?

Have you been on that Mini forum? I have been told that I will be banned for doing nothing wrong! Their forum failed and apparently its my fault!!!

Recall on that forum me thinks!

Should be January. Also will be 22 then so insurance group 20 wont shaft me so much.
No I havent been on the MINI forum but I will take a look as I am sure it will be quite amusing.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

22 Years Old + group 20 insurance = Stoopid money

surely your gonna be looking at £3000+ Im 23 with 7YNCD and £5500 on an Evo VI!!!!!!!!! Hence the 172!

Cooper S is costing me £1,700 a year based on being 21. Cant get a quote on the works version yet as it is not listed but estimate I will be talking around the 2K mark in January.
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

thats just stupid paying that just on insurance.
I d rather have a slower car for a year or two and save about £2500.