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Corsa 2.0l Vs Clio 16V

  Clio Phase II 16V

Has anybody had this experience as a friend has just completed the conversion and was wondering if my valver was in for a beating, hes got a fairly good driving ability so we are fairly matched, so it all comes down to the cars

He has put the 150bhp engine out of the Astra GSi

  190 BHP Willy 2

my mate has a 2.0 litre 8v corsa (engine from cavalier sri (130 bhp?) and i cant keep up with it. :cry:

Vauxhalls usually have very strong engines, but chassis made from twigs and newspaper - and thats the top ones like a GSi Astra etc. Corsa was never made with structural integrity to hadle a 2.0 16v engine - so expect to whop it in a real A/B-road contest. If you insist on a straight line challenge then it might beat you - just depends on the gear ratios.
  mk2 172

i raced a stripped out 16v nova at york and it was very very close, he would have beat me if hed had more grip, although every gear i held him but just didnt have enough. he won by 0.1 of a second i think. so dont drag race it in a valver!

Yeah i think it would beat a valver but then again you cant really compare modded cars to standard.
  VW Transporter 174

Ive raced a 2.0 16v Nova and only just beat it,but its brakes were woeful and it handled in true vauxhall fashion. Its only my opinion but i would say its performance in a straight line is on parr with a 172.

172 slayer
  Leon Cupra

Raced one on the way back from the PowerStation R,R day, no problem!!:D It was down a stretch of duel-carriageway with a few islands every now and again, It was a convincing toast not a “just about beat him”.


p.s. his brakes were crap totally out braked him when coming to islands.
  clio 20v

it cant be much faster than a valver only 12 more bhp and it cant be much lighter can it

id wouldnt think ud get beat by much
  CTR EK9 turbo

From experience, Corsas handle like bananas. 150 bhp? i guess its down to how it puts it to the road. With that huge ecotec boat engine hanging over the front wheels dont expect it to handle at all. If he wanted a quarter mile monster, why didnt he just buy a drag car? smileys/smiley1">
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Id say the Corsa would have the edge....

My Williams seemed to loose against my 2.0 (130ishbhp) Fiesta, but Im not convinced, and want a rematch ;)
  mk2 172

the novas are capable of 14.5 1/4 miles if they get traction in a straight line theyd out drag our clios, before my mate turned his into a turbo it could match a scooby from a rolling start, something i cant quite do.