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cost of alloy wheel refurb (cup alloy)

  Black/Gold 182
I've just bought a 2nd hand cup alloy from a scrappy as a spare. I paid £110 incl VAT and delivery for a wheel + tyre - although it's quite scuffed.

Anyone know what a refurb would cost (it's only to be a spare so I might not bother)? Other alternative I suppose is to do it myself although from another thread apparently it's not so easy to get the colour match.

If anyone else is interested the guy had 2 wheels left (minus centre caps) and I got it from
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  Black/Gold 182
^ the anthracite (grey ones) though? I couldn't find anyone that had them and I think Renault want £150 just for the rim. I'm not sure but I thought 182 grey ones were different from 172 alloys?

Anyway, too late now