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could this be my steering rack bushes

  Clio 200 full fat
hi guys when my car is stationery and i quickly move my steering from full left to right lock i get a creek/knock noise from my driver side i had lowering springs put on yesterday but the car was doing this before i had them put on i have also had new ball joints track rod ends and inners could this be the bushes on the steering rack or anything else like a top mount

thanks terry


ClioSport Club Member
I'm having the same but it's got worse and is when moving too now. I'll get chance to look over mine tomorrow. Finges crossed just the rack bushes
Feels very inconsistent when driving hard and feels quite vague
  Clio 172
I've had this problem since I bought my clio. I changed everything to find out what it was and it eventually turned out to be both my driveshafts !.
  Clio 200 full fat
Hmm see I have just had gearbox out so they would of checked shafts I just went out side and tried mine and if I hold the track or inner I can feel knock so I think it looks like a new rack for me