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Couple of night pictures last night.

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only got two decent ones as forgot to chance the iso and so all i had was noise:(


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Does anyone have any tips for nighttime photography with a DSLR never tried it before.
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Tripod, Low ISO, Low shutter speed - done :p



Or get some stand lights if youve got cash
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Thanks il have to give that a try. i have a tripod but lost the bloody bit that screws into the camera and goes in the base :(
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You can get another faceplate from ebay - saves the bother of throwing the tripod away for another one :)
  ibiza cupra
id love to get into the whole photography thing. love the way people catch things in some pics.
nice pics too mate.


  Focus TDCi
First one is alright, the second one looks like it's been saved by the flash (If you look at the back wheel it's really blurry). Glad you're trying though.. that's the biggest hurdle lol. Been a few weeks since I picked up my camera.

There's not a lot to nighttime photography tbh, same principles as daytime photography but just takes longer. Keep an eye out for decent lighting on the car too, makes a whole world of difference. :)
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that looks good. Mine taken in Rugby hilmorton just a local carpark at night. Hard to find somewhere that isnt being used by the local drug offenders haha