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Couple of quick questions

Coops Mk1

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couple of quickies about my phase 1 172

spark plugs probably been covered a million times, hence a nightmare to search or in the search tab! but is it really a £60 parts job?!!! either way wheres best for plugs?

secondly, my headlights are atrocious, simply shocking, make the mark 1 clio's look like the surface of the sun! whats the crack? any common problems? they dont look overly misty or anything, so poor bulbs? voltage drop maybe due to poor earths? any advice much appreciated

airbag light, keeps randomly popping on, been led to believe this is due to dodgy connections at the airbag computer, where is this and have i been informed correctly?

again any advice much appreciated!


Spark plugs.... NGK PFR6E-10's

Headlights... could be a weak earth, although not a common problem I've heard of?!

Airbag light is usually the loom under the passenger seat, faulty connection.. give it a wiggle and the light goes out :)

I'll have to bob up and see it sometime dude!


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Under the passenger seat is a plastic connector for the airbag wires. Cut it out and re-solder the wires and that should cure the airbag light.

As for the headlights, fit some new bulbs (Phillips have some AMAZING new ones out) and get the plascic covers sanded/corrected/polished on the outside.

Spark plugs need to be original equipment.
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