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Crack in windscreen - should I replace it

Last night coming home down the M40, a huge stone was thrown up and smacked my windscreen (luckily in the bottom passenger corner) but has made a inch square crack and the glass it chipped away.

Should I leave this or get it replaced? If so, do it on insurance or not?

Any advice from anyone else who has had their windscreen replaced?

Try and get it repaired! Though ask for a quote first as im not sure how much its costs, if youre only paying £50 excess like me you might as well just replace it.

If you get it repaired the insurance company pays and you dont get stung for 50/60 quid excess.

In the past Ive driven over 50k in a car with a huge crack, I believe the original windscrean is much tougher as whenever Ive had to repace it they have never lasted as long. Just my opinion though.

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i get free windscreens through autoglass, renault gave it to me when i brought the car, u might have the same?.

Really, mine is a UK 02 car, almost 1year old. Hmm, might chase that one up clioman. Did you get any docs with your car to say about this windscreen cover?
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

ok, found it out, if it is repaired it is done for free, but if it is replaced u have to pay axess of £50

yeah get it repaired asap, that happened to me and within a week the crack had spread right across the windscreen with going over bumps and that.

I looked through my docs but didnt notice anything about the windscreen cover :( But my insurance ( says this:

Q: How do I make a windscreen claim?

A: Windscreen cover is only available on Comprehensive cover. You can call our approved repairer (RAC Auto windscreens) on
0870 246 6436 and they will arrange an appointment. You will need to take your insurance certificate with you. An excess of £50 will be payable if the glass is replaced. If its repaired theres no excess to pay.
Please note, If you do not use our approved repairer, we will pay a maximum of £100 minus the £50 excess.

Directline insurance replace with no excess (sorry not much help for you).

The screen in stock at RAC screens was identical, same make / coating etc but no Renault logo. I asked them to order me one from Renault with the logo on, no problem. Very good service. Insurance still went down the next year (my main worry !).
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yeah I had my windscreen replaced for excess of £50 on the Williams. Clio V6 threw up a stone and cracked it lol

Luckily my claims are protected but Im still wanting to find out about this Renault windscreen cover that Clioman mentioned.