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crash crisis update!

ok, i have been hunting for bargains to try and cheapen that £600 bill i/she face/s afetr my mum reversed into me (remember yet?!) and have found a clean door that can be delivered to me for £76.38 inc vat. the only problem is that its navy blue, and my colour is metallic green.

How much am i looking at for the door to be resprayed to my colour? can they do it if i just give them the dor, or do they need it attached to the car incase they have to blend it in?

To reduce costs i was thinking of fitting the door myself, so all the labour is for spraying!

comments anyone?

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they could do it off the car, but the colour probably wouldnt be spot on

you would probably need it blending in

If its the same paint as on my RT (which I feel it probably is) its going to be expensive to do the entire door. Its an expensive paint mate (almost rymes) find a cheapo garage, backsteet jobies. Dont really need garage facilities to do that job. As long as he is a good painter it shouldnt be a problem. I went to one to repair my bonnet after a t**t hit the brakes infront me and I was blinded by the sun. Anyway Renault were gonna charge £300 to fix and paint it all (only a small amount of damage) This guy whos garrage was near my uni house cost £75. Looked perfect. Took him 3 days like. Sadly a few months later I needed an entire new bonnet (and most new front end) after a twatting deer!



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There should be no problem matching the paintwork for your door, but you will have to get the paint code from underneath your bonnet first. I have had a spoiler painted this way, by reading the numbers over the telephone, and it was spot on. If you arent sure which numbers relate to the paint, just write down the numbers in the correct order and the bodyshop will know which ones are relevant.

I reckon it will cost between £40 and £80, but you might want to ask if they want the bits and pieces removed from the inside of the door, which should save a few pounds in labour costs! See if they will knock off the VAT for cash and save a bit more!
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theres a place in dartford, that are quiet good. they are a small company based in the town centre, i was gonna get him to do my bumpers, sides etc, but he needed it for 2 and a half days! but he was good cause he was spraying a porsche and bmw. pretty cheap aswell though, he quoted me £250 for front and back bumpers with 2 layers of primer, and sides and mirrors. But because urs is already primed, i think £150 should cover it. If u need more info, give us a bell