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crash data

  clio 182 sport
hi all,still getting to grips with my clio 172,but i have hit a problem with the airbag system,i have checked under the seats as this is common,and the wires have been cut and soldered together but the drivers side had been done wrong as an auto electriction had rewired for me the correct way,but the problem i have is the airbag light has stayed on even when he has tryed to reset i have removed the airbag module and sent it to crash data to wipe the module,when i get it back will it remove the airbag light once fitted? i am starting to get a bit fed up now:(......cheers deano
p.s. is there anybody in the plymouth area who could help?;)
  clio 182 sport
you mean seat belt pre tensioner?.......would this cause fault 71 and 72 also got airbag module back...and still light is on,could the fault be in the seat its self or the loom ? as this is all i have left to try