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Crash Repair Quote...

  Skoda Fabia vRS

took it to a more local bodyshop than the one the insurance had gave me.........about 50 miles more local !!!

its the local Renault dealerships bodyshop, and the quote was.....


including vat and labour....

that includes new door, and new rear 1/4 panel.....and lost trim an clips

its higher than i thought it would be, but it isnt using all new parts and not skins etc....
  Skoda Fabia vRS

it will be, an comin out of there insurance too, im definitely not liable for the damages, in the words of my insurance company, a 3rd party crossed my path.....hehe

well at least the learner will now know to check his mirrors an blindspot before makin a manouvre, shame his dad didnt teach him that before he took him out in his car !



That is high, is that Dutton James??? Their Bodyshop is meant to be good though!! Whos your ins company??
  Skoda Fabia vRS

my insurance is liverpool victoria who have been really helpful an friendly through all of this

an yea, that is dutton james body shop, an the cars i saw today all looked mint
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well from what my insurance have told me, i might have a small fight on my hands regarding liability, but i know i wasnt in the wrong so its no sweat....



Why might you have a fight??? Was there no witness??? Isnt there CCTV on that roundabout mate?? (sorry for all the Qs)!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well they called his insurance today and they hadnt had the claim form back yet so couldnt comment on liability, but the woman from my insurance company told me she got the impression that they werent going to admit it...



They never, do admit it till death. As long as your insurance company will fight for you then it you should be o.k. Mine said that it was 50/50 even though i disagreed, they were happy with a partial blame even though i wasnt movin, just stopped over the unmarked junction.!! and I thought they should have tried harder to get him to adtmit it but they said the cost of pursuing it wasnt worthwhile!!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well they best not try any funny business with me, its obviously his fault

hes an inexperienced driver
his dad didnt have any secondary mirror in the car
he cant have checked his mirrors or blindspot before making the manouvre
not forgetting the simple fact, that i was in the right hand lane, he was in the left, and he turned into me
  Skoda Fabia vRS

what do you all think the chances of them trying to write my car off are....

I know its worth more than £1400 but how will they see it ?

also, does the cost matter at all if it wasnt my fault, which it surely they should repair it for me no matter what the cost...???

That looks to me like about £400/£500 damage.

I had similar damage done as you pics show in the same area of car. The idiots left without stopping and that cost me £250 from a mate. Quoted £500 from a bodyshop.

Sounds to me that they are hoping to write the car off!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

no guys hold up, that was the BODYSHOP quote, who have nothin to do with the insurance cos ive chosen my own body shop

the guy there said its best to give a quote using all new parts and then if they are willing to do it you cant get any better, he said start at the top and if need be work our way down

its a Renault dealerships bodyshop, so it will all be genuine new Renault parts and not using skins an stuff like that....thats what that quote is based on........can always go a different route than using all new stuff, but he said to see what insurance say about it first

a good RT is worth its weight in gold, and from what i read your RT sounds like a real minter mate, If its going to be repaired then its always best to get it done by Renault as they dont use inexperienced guys, if you want to question thier abaility then check out the paint on new 172s! absolutly stunning!

I know its a difficult time but have you thought about making the most of a bad situation and getting a Phat Body-Kit Fitted at the same time as the repair? Money permitting of course

Good luck Bud!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i would get more work done however im pretty skint, saving for a holiday and also my GTT conversion...

Best of luck but dont hold your breath . 17 years and no accidents and 2 complete feckwits in 7 months both drove into me and then changed their story later. Insurance companys love this as they drag any procedings out as long as they can IMHO .NOT THAT IM BITTER. One of the idiots reversed down the side of my car last May and still havnt had a coherent reply.Thank god for protected ncb.:D

im still watying for the blame on my car to be sorted out from last december - ive got almost identical damage on mine, but i have a much worse dent in my rear 1/4 - i thought yours looked like it sould not need a new panel?!

anyway, my quotes were £700 labour+parts (undisclosed to me) and £650 + parts from another company!

and them not admitting it straight away, the f**kers - i owned up when i pulled out on someone without checking my blindspot when i first passed, and the bloke i did it to didnt pursue the claim as there was only light scratches - top bloke!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well i dunno what to tell you, he came, i was in bed !....i backed my car out of the garage, he wondered around it and wrote a few things down, askin the odd question.......took a picture of the damage, went on his only took him 10 minutes

an now the bodyshop are sayin they wont take my car until the parts have sure he told me last week he could take it today !
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i could cope with the blame taking a while to sort out, however it shouldnt though as its obvious who was to blame, he drove into me !

as long as the parts turn up fast then its ok.......

BRUN, dont mess around with going through your insurance to speak to theres etc. just get in touch with his insurance, say you want to make a third party claim, thats what i di and it worked fine, im picking my car up 2moro, reno are doing the work. I called her insurance company everyday asking where they ahd got to witht the claim so they knew i meant business, claim was sorted in a week, the longest part has been waiting to get booked into bodyshop. Got a courtesy car, and my insurance company know nothing about the claim