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Crashed my car on 23 Dec!!!

  Abarth Grande Punto

What a lovely christmas pressie!

Ye, I was driving down a road and the cars in front of me had stopped. I then realised that they were all turning left into a carpark so I indicated to turn right to pass the cue. So im indicating with my nose partly out waiting because it was only a single track road. Nex thing I know is a Vauxhall Vectra es has come past me and plouhed into my front wing and pushing me sideways into a 406!! Pushing in my drivers side wing a bit and smashing my near side headlamp and destroying my nearside wing!! So ts not massive but still enough to f**k up yur christmas!!

What anoys me more is the fasct I was going on a 2 minute drive to get a sandwich for my lunch break!

Am I the only unfortunate one to have had an accident just days b4 christmas! It just makes me realise how many nutters there are onthe road around christmas! Everyone is on a mission!


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

that is there fault then if they hit you did you get there insurance details and numberplate details etc ????

make sure you have your story straight and then call your insurance company as soon as possible to get it sorted that is if it is ther fault then your car will be fixed within a few weeks, i know how you feel i had a woman run in to me i was going down main road and she didnt stop at a stop junction that was joining the main road so im going along doing 20 mph and BANG she went straight in to side of me any way she admitted fault and my car is now fixed thankx to her insurance company.


hope u are ok and ur car is fixed soon :D

even better if you keep a digital camera in your car to snap a shot of the accident before everyone disappears. i keep one in the car for just that purpose nowadays.



  Shiny red R32

Sorry to hear about your poor car, but as long as you are OK your car can be fixed. :(

Unfortunately. most accidents seem to happen within two or three miles of where we live.