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Cricket sound after gunking

I gunked my engine yesterday with the spray on gunk and rised it off as directed. Now when I start my car up and the engine is ticking over it sounds like there is a cricket under my bonnet,(i get a high pitch sweeking sound). This sound goes away if i dip the cluch. I was thinking maybe Ive taken grease away from somewhere grease needs to be. Can anyone help me please?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well im not meanin to sound sarcastic, but if it goes when you dip the clutch, isnt it gonna be somethin to do with that, like the cable ?

I dont know, Im not a mechanic, I only have basic knowledge in car maintainace. Would gunking an eingine cause problems with the clutch cable though? What can I do to fix this kind of thing??
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

If you have managed to get some gunk in the clutch casing you could of got some on the thrust bearing. Now after you have cleaned it off with water you may have wash some of the lubricant off of the thrust bearing.

Did you get any in the clutch housing at all ?

hmm, ben M8.. I actually think it could be the release bearing.. this is not subject to compreesion unless the clutch is depressed.

Drive it around abit, itl either get better or get worse...

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Captain, This went on me on a peugeot and thats why I suggested it.

Plus if he has got the cleaner down there and then got water down there it would have washed the lubricant out.

Yeah I could well have got water in the clutch casing. It deffinatly sounds like Ive taken grease away from where I shouldnt have taken grease away. Can I just put more grease in? How does it work? What shall I do? Cheers guys! Im hopefully doing a NVQ Course in mechincs, so not more silly questions in a few months!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

OK if you have done that and it is that which is ticking you will have to have the Bell housing off which is what you would have to do to change the clutch anyway, BTW youd be better of replacing the bearing anyway and not regreasing it. The bearing maybe OK for a while but it will get worse slowly.

If this does get worse have you thought about while having this done getting a new clutch put in at the same time and save yourself some money cause they would replace the thrust bearing while changing the clutch anyway.

If you are compitent with spanners you could do this yourself, but I can direct myself around most engines but I wouldnt attempt this.

Has the car done loads of miles anyway ?

its done 82k, I would like a new clutch soonish. How much would I expect to pay (fitted). And would it be a good idea to pay a bit extra and get some kind of performance clutch? Id be a bit worried about doing this myself I think. I can do some stuff to cars, but for something new I would really need a mate with knowledge talking me though it or at least a very discriptive manual.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I think most people go to Hill Power to have these things done. While the engine is out get a new cam belt fitted. Phone him or speak to Nick Read regarding this.

Dont know anything about performance clutchs... Sorry.

Nick Hills number 01530 273633

Also dont forget to mention the club if you are a memeber and get a discount.

my bad.
i just thought you would be putting water in the clutch assmbly housing...even if it did get in, it would only dribble in. and not all over the clutch and far enough into it to reach teh thrust bearing.


Hi Ben, yes, it could be total coincidence, but the fact that the noise steps on pressing the clutch pedal tends to indicate release bearing or gearbox input shaft..

I am sure it will clear up after a day or two though.. (If caused by degreasant)


Ok then, Ill drive it for a few more days, if not Ill have to go visit nick.
Im sure my clutch is going tho, if I rev my car to say 4000 revs the pull the clutch up quick it doesnt wheel spin, it just revs lots and pulls away. But I tryed a well know way of testing if my clutch is going,(driving about 20 miles per hour then putting it in 4th and flooring it)the revs go sky high if your cluch is going, but when doing this my revs go up very slowy and progressively.