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CSF 2019 Picture Thread

What happened here.
The bloke said,

Just an FYI, Nothing failed on the Megane, Was simply a little too fast/wide on corner entry which then meant the car went on the slippy gravel, went sideways onto the grass and hit the embankment square on which snapped the front suspension, shifted the axle across 8 inches and flung the car up the air, flipped over and then landed on its roof, I'm the guy who was in the little Civic EG going around and stopped to pull them out of the wreckage before the the Marshalls and paramedics took over.

As Adey said, Both are ok, just Bruised up and very sore, Thankfully the Mk3 Meganes are built well!


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Thats everything off my camera, I only took pics of the sighting laps on the morning session for about 10 minutes so no photos of yours @cswalmsley sorry mate


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That first wet session was a right eye opener for me. I was literally skating around the track, by far the slowest thing out there.


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That first wet session was a right eye opener for me. I was literally skating around the track, by far the slowest thing out there.
Doubt that, inwas bricking it in my van hahahaha wasn't till later on I felt comfortable


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I thought it would be sketchy on a damp track but within 3 laps I was giving it some proper stick! Had so much confidence in the car whereas I've had it before where I'm tip toeing right, no worries! A diff is a massive gamechanger

Flat Eric

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Cheers for that footage @JB21
Sorry for holding you up a bit ?

I had a few good clear laps without having to ease up to let the faster cars past and was proper chuffed with the car.
I'll have a dig through my footage and see what I've got, most of mine will have too much talking in it. ?


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Rare occasion I could be arsed downloading a video. Mis shifted into 6th, let a 172 past, had a tussle, then a soarer spins out in front of us. this Was just after a mk1 Clio dropped all it's oil (RIP) - but cba uploading that vid.

Free commentary by that Josh lad with the blue 197, who jumped in for a passenger lap at the end of the day (once I'd got the balls again to rag the car, after losing the oil cap earlier on and being paranoid for the rest of the day)



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Looks quick @JB21 fair play. The metro was quick too cant believe how fast that came up behind me, was class.

Anybody get any footage of my Kangoo ? I forgot to put the camera on as i was too busy being a gobsh*te haha.

Also who was in that silver standardish looking 182 think reg started VO54? Driving was terrible, he got blue flagged twice when i was behind him, put wrong indicator on and kept it nailed so i could not get past, was painful, and all over the shop on the track.