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CTR, Speed Camera Van, A6

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

How about this then talk about Ironic.

Went upto Derby this weekend to meet with Stuman\CJ and Desmondo\Ella. Now on the saturday afternoon me\Sarah a Stuman\CJ decide to go for a burn upto the Derby Dales. Went into this nice pub and had a drink of LUCIFER (I sh1t you not, that was what it was called). On the way back we had lots of sweeping roads down from the dales. Then we got onto the A6 and got stuck behind this CTR.

I was ready to overtaken him and I jestured to Stuman who was in front to do so. Lucky we didnt cause down the road was a Pig Van parked up with a copper sitting in the back taken photos of all the pretty little cars driving past.

Talk about Lucky, well I think it had something to do with the Rabbit foot and the upside down horse shoe nailed to the dashboard (Unluck Rabbit).