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Cup break problem

Does anyone know what this "break problem" they supposedly have fixed is all about? I went in to my dealer today to ask what the delivery delay is, and was told that there was some kind of problem with the braking system with the Cups, but that it has been sorted now. So the car is due around 6th October.
  Nissan R35 GT-R

I believe the problem was getting a manufacturer to supply non-ABS breaks in the size that they are. The manufacturer probably couldnt cope with the number of orders.

OK you lot have baffled me lol!

Brakes come in whatever size the manufacture they want, a 300mm disc for a non abs systiem will be exactly the same for a 300mm system with abs.

ABS is a sensor, nothing more really, discs are like hardwear and car compatable, what your getting is a good standard system, what Renault probably sorted out was brake pedal feel.