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Cup Cant Start :( Help

My Cup this morning wouldnt start for toffee so I had to leave it for 1/2 hour then come back to it and have a push start from my g/f who drives a fiesta the embarassment!

Any clues why it was just dead nothing there at all, possible alternator not charging?

I dont know help please! Cup is sad!


1) Has it got petrol hehehe - obvious I know but.....

2) Does it turn over? If not and the dash lights go dim then its battery related.

3) Does everything else seem normal, it just turns and turns but never starts? Try your spare key. The transponder in your key might be faulty - wont send code to ECU.

Hope this helps.

Ive had that problem but only if I leave my lights on while Im doing the garage. Its because Ive got shed loads of I.C.E and it runs the battery down! you get used to it!

Em thanks for all the advice I have come to the conclusion that Id just started it then stopped it ran into the house and then tried to start it, my old boy ssays it may be something to do with the choke?

No ice, and no I hadnt left the lights on, the other explanation is the plp is f**k*d!!!! It did get wet last night........whoops!