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Cup Gone Mad!

My Cup this morning started to act very strangley in Traffic the revs started fluctuating between 0 and and the 850 mark on the counter! What should I do!

Has anyone else had this happen?
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When that happened to me it was the idle control valve which needed replacing.

With your car being so new id take it back down to renault!

Was the engine still cold when this was happening?
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maybe a bit of sh*t in your control valve. Take it to Renault. Just dont leave it with them!
  190 BHP Willy 2

Clio 172 cup = EVERYONE wanting to take it for a thrashing.

I know someone who works in some offices next to our local Renault dealer, and hes always telling me about the cars that get thrashed through their industrial estate.

Even people from this forum have had unnecessary road tests and totally ridiculous miles put on there cars for the simplist of faults. I just dont trust main dealers!!

if you take a car to the dealer (any garage really) firstly re-set all sections of the trip computer to 0 then stick a post-it on the dash stating the mileage - and keep a copy yourself - then you know if any miles have been put on and also know average mph etc.

since I did this my car comes back every time with nearly no miles put on it!!!

hope this helps :D

renault had a recall on the idle speed control valve not to long ago go in with your chasis number and get a recall check list printed off.make sure you see if though as they lied 14 times on mine before i wanted to see it and way hey there it also affects the idle speed when turning the steering wheel...good idea about the mileage i to do that after they clocked two hundred miles on one visit in sheffield and used 3/4 tank..i got the money back after throwing a tantrum in the showroom 6 months later...i had a saxo once with about 3k on ice in and when it went in to replace the head light bulb all the chimps who worked there were ragging my car around and just parking the car up outside with all the doors open so they could listen to the radio...stay away from reg vardy citroen and least i got 500.00 back in compo after filming them with my camera...ha ha ha

Thanks for the info, mines been acting up lately from cold, revs take a while to settle down from about 2200 rpm, and flutters about while decreasing. Once warm its fine.