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Cup modifications - the truth

  Nissan R35 GT-R

Ive spoken to R-Sport a few times and they seem very nice and enthusiastic. I was actually the one who did all of the original ECU investigation, but decided only to tell a select few people (i.e. Cupsize) and not make a public post until I Knew for sure what was going on.

I decided this because the signal to noise (truth to bullsh1t) ratio on this matter seems about 1:1 and I didnt want to add to it.

I spoke to them on Friday and they said the ECU is ready (as it has been on all the other times I have phoned them) and they are just awaiting confirmation from Renault as to the warranty approval. They are talking about the end of the month, but you know how things are.

The guy I spoke to was asking me how I found the handling etc. and told me they think the car sits a little to high and so will be paying a lot of attention the suspension. This will probably be the second warranty-approved modification.

So for those who have waited thus far, hang on just a few more days. As soon as I know anything valuable I will post here. I am going up to see them this week just for a look around and a chat as its only 20 minutes from my house.

Also there is a rolling road just a few doors away from them.

Most Cup owners have known this info for ages though? There have been enough posts on it!!

Everytime I speak to R-sport the bloke sounds like hes pissed so ill be dammed if hes working on my car! Am going to buy the ECU of him though, he also told me end of the month.


  Audi TT Stronic

is there any reason why a new ecu wouldnt work on a 172 ? I have driven my 172 for about 2 months now, and got used to the speed of it.. I need a bit more just to keep me happy for a while longer.

But I am restricted in what I can do for warranty purposes.

With All these Renault sport mods coming out you would have thought Renault ould have tested the before and after figures on a RR by now.

Has anyone found out what sort of performance increse you will get after the ECU.

I have heard 15% accross the range, this seems a little too much for me for just an ECU upgrade.

  Nissan R35 GT-R

Youll find that very few tuning companies will print a power/torque figure as some customers get very upset when their cars dont make the printed figure after the modification. This is probably why Renault are keeping a bit quiet.

Im sure there will be lots of bits to come. That 15% figure from the ECU is an approximation. Figures dont mean a lot to me - its all about how the car drives, and for that theres only 1 way to find out.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Renault will happily sell you one even if you want it for your lawnmower - theyre not known for turning away customers!

Customer: Id like an ECU / whatever widget please? The part number is 123xyz,

Renault bloke / girl: Itll be here in 3 days. Thatll be £250 please sir.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Itd be nice if it did as its a lot cheaper than a Superchip with a custom map. Im going to wait until the Midlands RR day on the 15th Feb, and if theres still no sign of the new ECU Im getting the Superchip the following week.

Im hoping to have one before the Midland RR day as they said end of the month but then again they are unlikely to put me off are they?!

If no sign of it im going for a Dastek Unichip.

From reading threads in off topic they dont like giving away parts unless theyre specifically for renaults.

The 172 engine is the same as a Cup in everyway so the ecu would fit.

Will they be doing the sports seats and rollcage?

The engine is the same but... these ecus control much much more than just the engine.... they have links to air bags etc etc...... would be nice if it would fit and work but i think its going to have problems

Where is this mythical informationcoming from Ive been trying to get some answers from Reno saying I bought my Cup to have funwith and the so called extras were a big factor! Guess what everyone Ive spoken to has been tight lipped!

So frosty do you have a web site addy? or telephone number? Is there one on the thread?

Hope these extras do materialise soon! Im loosing my patience!