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Cup no longer Limited Edition

hearing that the cup is no longer going to be a limited edition ?

is this true ?

mention of car supermartket type place selling them now for £10,900 ?

wot a bargain that sounds !!

No the cup is definately not Limited edition. Recently a Renault Sales man i spoke to tried to tell me it was a LE. I said bollox and he still insisted it was. They are made to order. take six weeks from ordering time.

But that price is an absolute bargin! i might get one alongside the 16v!

It was never limited - just special edition - but get one if you can - they are only available until next july - and thats if Renault even bother making another run - they only had to make 2500 in Europe (500 in UK0 for homolgation to Rallying again!

Itll still be a rare site to behold though - especially over here in Northern Ireland as there is only 2!!!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Trust me they was never a special edition. They say they are only gonna make em for a year !! Mind you they said that about the V6 and they Williams.

I work for Renault and they say they are going do things and boy do they tell porkies !!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

I have the task of selling their fine pieces of motor engineering.

Im a assistant sales manager !!!

The V6 was never limited either - 400 a year is what they said and thats what they did, the MK 2 out now so how is that limited??? And the cup will not be made after next July - I dont work for renault coz they know damn all- I get my info from Renault Sport - a different company by the way!!!!