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Cup reprieved!


After ranting about the Cup extras scenerio I vowed to sell the Cup. Whilst I have been sorting the potential replacement I have throwing the Cup around a bit more and wow... It has turned into the car I test drove, certainly seems to have loosened a bit and I am now not going to sell it!!

I am still a bit Pi$$ed at renault for the options that aint but I have decided Ill do the mods myself, I dont want anything to radical, and just check from Renault what it may or may not do to the warrenty.

So.... the Cup stays! If anyone is interested I spoke to a few renault dealers about selling the car and they were all looking to buy Cups for £9500. If anyone is buying a used one froma dealer it is something to bare in mind!

The final thing to decide, do I buy the elise anyway? I reckon I might have to the test drives have been fairly good fun! Cup for the week, Elise for the weekend, sounds good to me!!

  Revels Mum & Sister

Sounds like you have too much money mate ;)

Just remember, Tax for both, Insurance for both (only 1 car with No Claims), repairs, servicing, Petrol. List does go on!!!

But if you have the money fair play to you sir. Nice on keeping the cup. Shall be looking at purchasing one next year!!
  320d M Sport

Well done mate, always nice to hear good news! And yep, get e Gun Metal Grey Elise, mmmmmm :D


I have not got that much cash, Im just irresponsible! My wife no doubt will have something to say! Insurance wont be that bad, Id stick on a limited mile policy (I already have a old landrover on one it can join that) and that will reduce it! Being the wrong side of thirty helps as well!!

There is a new limited edition version of the elise coming out in a week or so and that is silver with black alloys which looks the dogs danglies so I may investigate....



The guy you need to speak to is 172CUP, hes the guy with the Elise ,Scooby, and Cup, git!;)

Anyway, he has a set of Blue recaro like seats in the Cup, they look SUPERB!


Did you get my PM re: the pics of your car??

Would be interested in seeing the seats in 172Cups. I am thinking of something along the lines of those in the racing puma. I dont want anything to max power of boyz out but purposeful with taste!!!