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Cup Service Question

  Cup 172
The Cup is due its 36k service in about 500 miles, at which point its due the aux belt change.

However, it had an oil leak repaire at 19k miles and they also changed the aux belt so its not due until 55k miles. The Reno dealer who did it have said they will put a comment in the service book to back this up.

So my question is.... should I get it changed again at the 36k service?

  RB 200 Cup!
if renault have said they'll put a note in the book thenyou dont need to bother getting it changed for a while
  car? need a license 1st!
check your book to make sure they've put the comment in there!

You don't want to take it for a service and get charged for somthing you don't need!! Although reno have a habit of doing that :(
  RenaultSport clio 172 CUP
Surly the service report you got from the dealer when they repaired the oil leak shows the milage and the fact that they replaced aux belt.
  Tangoed Works
my car was purchased used from renault and they did a 36k service before i picked it up. when i got my 24k service from r-sport last monday, he said the same thing to me, that i wouldnt need it doing till 50 odd k. As long as its noted on the renault service database (their computer system) it shoud be fine.
  Cup 172
Still 100 notes or so though...

Its on their system. I didnt realise it was done until a month ago or so when I called them to ask after a post on here.
No comment in the book, but theyve said that if I take the book in, they will put a note in...