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cup splitter now £143

and i cannot order over over the phone as they do not take cards over the phone.

whats all that about, do they want to sell any thing?
  320d M Sport

yeah its a joke, i REALLY like them and think it finishes the car a treat, but theres no way on this earth Im payin £130/£143 for one, if anyones got one cheap let me know!!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Try going to a bodyshop and ask them to get the price. The trade price will be a helluva lot less so it only depends on the bodyshop mark up.

i work in the trade and have spoken to my mate who works in parts at renault and they really are that expensive even with discount its almost the same price, like you say its alot of money for a piece of abs plastic, he suggested an espace splitter as is alot cheaper and bigger than the usual laguna splitter everyone seems to fit to any car

or we hatch a deal with peeps buying cups on here, get them to remove the splitter the day they pick it up then take it back to the dealer saying they didnt have one fitted when they picked it up, most dealers wpuld fall for it replace the splitter foc then they could sell em on to us for say £35 everyones happy :D
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

LOL I thought about that.....we could set up post outside Renault dealers stopping people who have just picked up their new Cups!!

the amount of dealers who either dont fit them on or dont realise the cup has one is surprising, its sad when you have to inform the dealer who sells the product about details like this when they should be the experts !

Knackered mine already but no way paying that much for it, typical Reanult, pay sod all for the car but pay through the nose for the parts. Wont suprise me if a wheel nut cost £10, but only for the cup due to he special weight saving thread they use.!!!

Not true!! Re the splitter price!!! I damaged the lower black grill on my Cup when i hit a pheasant recently. Reno garage in Altrincham wanted to charge £122 for the part & £85 (inc VAT) to fit.....I bought it from Reno Oldham, the part for £49.95 +VAT got it fitted for £40 local garage... I phoned Reno Altrincham & told them asked why the difference? dunno mate i only work here.... Bunch of robbing ........stards if u ask me!!! (& i could pay with card over phone)