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Cup Splitter on My 1.2

the splitter cost me 55 quid from ebay , it took be about 1 1/2 hours to sort out fitting it that was using a jig saw to modify it so it bends for the corners more ,

  K20 EG Hatch

looks great. think after i got all the big mods done i wanna do that will deffo be wanna of the smaller things i do!

D4ve F - Not thinking of selling it at all have a few things planned - still got fit the rest of my full leather interior , im thinking carbon at the min , may go bonnet and some black alloys. but i will still keep the other parts so i can keep changin them lol


Have you both got the side skirts from renault? mine got delivered this morning with a v6 spoiler! GeeUK i got a 172 upper grill got £60 from a breakers.

sorry should of read properly iv already asked that question!, are you going french car show, im thinking of booking a ticket