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Cup Upgrades

Just been in contact with R Sport (the people who will be producing the Renault approved upgrades) and they said that the sport seats and the rollcage will probably never be available, but there is good news - the ECU and Exhaust is being worked on at the moment and should be available for Easter!!

YEP SPOKE TO EM YEST. Bummer! they decided not to play with seats due to probs with fittings, belts, pretensioners (spelling) and stuf.


ClioSport Club Member

the big question

probably just the RS models


172 cup

220 (megane)
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

oooh, some extra tricks for my 172, any web site contact details for this R Sport?
  Tappd'd RS

I take it these wont invalidate warranty being "official" and all that?

Any indications of the cost of the ECU & Exhaust and just how must of a power increase is likely?

Cheers :)

Theyre will be seats for the cup - how do you think they fit the cupracers then? Obviously they dont have airbags and set belt pretensioners but I dint expect to use them if I was fitting race seats anyway! May be orderign some nice sparco torini recliners - the pretensioners will just have to be removed and fitted to the new seats !

Went out yesterday in Renos Cup with the new r-sport ecu plus they fixed an aftermarket induction kit to it as well. Was definately picking up more speed lower down, but also kept pulling as it went on to about 7500rpm.

Induction sounded good too. I believe they are tracking down an exhaust to work with the package, but this lot probably wont be ready until April.

If this turns out to be the case Ill be a bit pi$$ed off. One of the reasons for buying the Cup was the range of track options in production. Renault has once again shat on its customers, they did it with the first generation williams (and paid for it), I know of Mk1 V6 owners who ordered the car and were then contacted by Renault about a range of sport options (you would have thought these would be standard) and now this.

Truly crap, Ive just read all about the VX220 turbo. There is one at the Vauxhall dealer half a mile from here, I think a shopping trip my be in the offing tomorrow. Im sure they wont have a range of track options up coming.

Twit :(

Thats the main reason for buying mine , i do a lot of track days and this car is perfect for that as well as being practical , did loo the cupk at used caterhams and elises but need the practicality of 4 seats and a resonable boot. Need those mods though.

Anyone tell me if I can get these from Reno dealer when they are available ?

What sort of BHP / torque gains are being claimed for these particular ones ?



Induction kit........
  320d M Sport

yeah, and whoever can answer that must be the son of God of something!! Ive heard soooo many different figures and dates im just ignorin em all!!

Ben S how did you manage to go out with reno do you work for them?

Was the induction kit reno or another firm i.e k&n ork-tec.......?

Lets hope these mods come soon, frosty reckoned the end of this month that sounds a long way off though at the mo!

After e-mailing renault to try and sort this out, the answer was :

Dear Mr *******

Thank you for your recent email.

I can advise you that these accessories for the Clio 172 Cup are being tested by an external company before their availability is confirmed.

I can advise you that the planning and printing of these brochures takes place a long time in advance and therefore, the information contained in them can sometime be incorrect.

I must apologise on behalf of Renault UK for any disappointment this may cause you.


******* ******

Renault Customer Services