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cutting holes for handles in carbon door cards?

  CLIO PH1 172
so i got some door cards before christmas and they came with no holes cut for the door handles. i cant get hold of the person who sold them and, well, tbh i cant be assed to chase him up any more, so i might have a go my self:S

first question how easy / hard is it to cut carbon fibre? it is about 1mm thick and not very ridged at all

2) is there any were i can get a template to tell me were exactly to cut? or is ther an accurate way of lining it up when its on the door?

hope people can help as i would like to put these on soon!

  182, 6r GTi
being only 1m thick you could prob do it with a very sharp stanley/crafts knife. make sure you put tape over were your cutting tho this will help stop slipping and the surface being chipped were you cut. or you could drill a hole and use a verry fine hacksaw blade to folow were you have marked.

  CLIO PH1 172
Cheers this is what i was thinking, and idea how to get the hole in the correct place ? Does any body have some sort of template ?


ClioSport Moderator
There is no "correct" place mate, there is a bit of adjustment allowed there. Personally, I'd measure it up myself and do it that way. But measure both, don't assume they're both the same.
  CLIO PH1 172
I just don't want to f**k it up lol. when I take the door card off and have a proper look it will become more clear(hopfully) I didn't think there would be that much room for adjustment though?


ClioSport Moderator
It's a cable, so lots of room for up and down adjustment, even a little back and forth. The Renault holes aren't cut overly well anyway, so the flex allows it to fit.

I'd go as far to say you'd find it hard to f**k it up
  clio 182
has noone else in your area got these? if you lived up the better end of the uk i would have let you use mine for a template ;)
  Clio & Mini
Will you put some pics up please mate, and are the 1mm any good, I am sure they are its just I can't make my mind up to do it or not you got the rear cards as well? I was thinking of wrapping or replacing the dashboard trim to match as well
  CLIO PH1 172


i used a drill and hacksaw to cut the hole, pretty simple really. I might do the pas side tomorrow i will get pic of the different stages!