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D4F Block + Head

  ClioII 1.2L 2003
Good day fellows

My dear good old engine ( 1.2 D4F ) by now has done 220K :eek: ....knocking and hesitation increased in the past few months and oil is all over the engine.....power is on it's way down :dead:

I'm thinking of buying a second hand block and head of the same engine

Any advise where could I buy one from a trusted place in UK and ship it to my country ?

  ClioII 1.2L 2003
I found a K4J 1.4 16V engine in a good condition but the main issue is my gearbox has the starter in the front position and needs to be in the back position to fit in the 1.4 engine as the 1.4 gearbox has it's starter in the back position

If I'm right I think the 1.2 16V and 1.4 16V use the same gearbox there any way to adapt this or must I also buy it's gearbox?? :(


1.4 uses JB1! Well, mine's a JB1 from a 1.4 anyway....

Just use both the block and box from the 1.4, move the starter round back. None of the wiring is the same BTW, you'll need ECU, UCH, key, decoder ETC ETC