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damaged car - need help

See below -


Before you start huffing and puffing it is not my fault!!!!!

If you ring and start shouting or even ring to find out what has happened you will be walking home, is that clear.

I have parked the car outside of the garages because Todd was here b4 me and I couldnt be arsed to try and get in the other because of the way the beamer was parked. I have parked behind Todd and during that freak storm the garage door came down on the car.

It hasnt done much damage but has caught the pillar just think we have been very lucky if I had parked an inch the other way we would be having a new windscreen fitted.

If this is ok text me. The damage is minimal but it has took the paint off.

Any ideas about how to get the car repaired.
  Lionel Richie

OOOOOOOOOOH DEAR!!!!!! The garage door has hit the pillar surrounding the windscreen?? Thats gonna be a fiddy one to get fixed, take it to some bodyshops mate (definately not Renault, theyre sh*t at bodywork!!)

Ouchies, am I getting this right, is the car yours or Paul Freemantle? Are you a friend leaving a message for Paul? or the owner to hopefully reduce eplosive tendancies when the owner gets home?

I only ask cos this is what my missus did when she drove my car into the garage wall (obviously it jumped out on her and wasnt her fault) cos she left a message on a public notice board cos she knew I would see it.

FYI if the above senario is correct then it works against you cos it made me fecking fuming cos I couldnt go home and make sure my baby was ok, you make things worse in your mind ;)

BUT! accidents happen and I forgave her............... about three years later.

is it dented or just scratched?


It is my car (I am Paul Freemantle) The post is an email from my girlfriend.

She wouldnt even tell me over the phone. I dont know what the damage is till later when she picks me up. by which time it will be to dark to check.


classic saying " I think it will t-cut out." for this read - it in a bad way.

I suppose i will have to wait and see.


too bad mate, I know the feeling. You forgive them about three years down the line ;). Hope the damage aint too bad..........