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Dan's black 172


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  Clio DCi
Back again, this time a black 172. One owner from new with 133k on the clock.

Loved my cup a few years back and also had a black Dci but decided I really wanted another sport so when I saw this one pop in in the for sale section only 40mins away I sent a message.


Bought it without actually viewing as it was cheap and I love a project even tho I already have one with my track 306.

The add said the following
The good:
New headlights! Fitted a few years ago, still look great!
Eibach Pro Springs - Fitted last year.
New-ish tyres - Looking at MoT history, I've only done about 3,000 miles since the 2017 MoT, and they were fitted around then.
New exhaust - nothing special, just what the local garage man fitted.

The bad:
Oil leak - has been doing this for around 15 years.
Steering wheel - just look at the picture :)
Roof lining detaching - this was the final straw and why the car is for sale. When the roof falls off, it's a sign.
Clutch making weird noises - still on the original clutch, and when you press the pedal it makes some strange noise, which I expect is not good! However, all working fine

And also a couple of pics




So went and collected in the dark of night and drove it back and it actually drove really well bar the clutch, everything seemed tight and couldnt hear any knocks and bangs so I was well pleased.

More to follow.


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  Clio DCi
Went down the unit last night to collect my 12mm ratchet spanner to change the dizzy on my mates civic.

Things escalated quickly. The oil leak

As you can see the inner drives side boot is split and the selector seals all need to. Not an issue as the box and engine are coming out for work anyway.

Then i checked the a/c. Empty. So cut all those pipes and removed all the water hoses, battery tray and ecu, rad and other gubbins.








Iv bought a clutch and the timing tools. Just need to sell my civic and then put the money to the cambelt, waterpump, dephaser kit and also all new cam and crank seals plus a few extras like steering bushes new engine mounts and thermostat housing as they've all seen better days.

Progress will be slow as im swamped at work and also have other customers cars to do but i will keep it as upto date as poss.

Comments welcome. Thanks Dan


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  Clio DCi
Finally found an hour of time to do some more on the 172.



Timing belt, tensioner and pulleys look pretty new but the timing is out so im assuming non gen tools were used. This isnt an issue as i have bought the tools and also going to buy a new cambelt and dephaser kit and redo everything anyway.

Iv noticed the oil is leaking from the cam cover so ill remove that, clean and reseal and also the thermostat housing is a little worse for wear so that will also be replaced.

The aim is to freshen up the engine and change the clutch (the original problem) and then just use it.

Also both driveshafts need replacing which i have 2 brand new ones anyway.



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  Clio DCi
Surprisingly not to bad altho did sound like a bag of nails, which is why im refreshing it all

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  Clio DCi
Finally an update.

Rather than spend money on the engine i bought another with all the work already done as it cost a hell of a lot less, i was also given the PMS A/C delete bracket which again saved me a few quid. Thanks @AdamCup

Next up iv also bout an MTC silicone hose kit and a decat after selling the original cat for £480 (the cat was worth more than the car).

I need to now clean up the gearbox and engine mounts as there manky compared to the engine.

Im going to book next friday off as iv got no work booked in for next weekend so i will have 3 days to myself and put it all back together.




ClioSport Club Member
  Clio DCi
Had a quick half hour earlier so removed the old wiring loom from the original engine and also the gearbox to be greeted with not much of a release bearing and a pretty smooth friction plate lol.

I also swapped out the old steering rack bushes for some black series powerflex.

Im going to take the gearbox to work and jetwash it and try and remove some grime.

Comments welcome


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  RB 182 & 172 Cup
I've just brought these in yellow too. Very impressed with the quality of them. Should look good when fitted mate.

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  Clio DCi
After fitting the steering rack bushes i noticed the tie rod covers were very perished so assuming theyve never been changed i ordered 2 new tie rods with covers from RPD and fantastic service as usual.

Iv also got to fit the flywheel from my original engine so obviously bought some bew flywheel bolts aswell as i never reuse the old ones.


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