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ello first post on the forums and looks like im joining as well since its pay day :D

anyway, just want to know if my dash is 2 parts (centre console and top dash) or just the one part and joined together.

here is the dash if anyone wants to see it.

Reason I am asking is, im going to be putting a pc in the car and this will determine whether I modify my dash to create a custom pod for a screen or whether i buy a motorised in-dash display.

I was always aware from reading this forum that the dash was connected as one but I was searching for dashs on google and found a website that said the dash would be delivered in 2 parts as I may even buy an extra dash and modigy that so if I ever sell the car on - they will have the normal dash.

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

The whole of the top is one piece. It separates from the centre console just below the vents to the left of the steering wheel.

Its an easy enough job to remove it, just need to pull a few bits off to expose the screws holding it on.