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Date wrong on iPhone 4

  A silver one
Bit of a weird one.

All 'auto' settings are turned on, but for some reason today is showing as Tuesday 1st February.

Settings>General>Date & Time>24-Hour Time ON

Settings>General>Date & Time>Set Automatically ON

Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Time Zone Support (London)>Time Zone Support ON

If I turn 'Settings>General>Date & Time>Set Automatically' to OFF then I can manually set the correct date as Monday 31st January, but wht should I be doing that? If I set the date correctly and then switch auto back on, it reverts back to the wrong date.

Has this happened to anybody else (and am I missing something VERY simple)?

  A silver one
Even odder... I've not tried a reset or touched the settings since lunchtime. Looked at my phone after work and date is now correct.

No idea what's gone on there, but not going to complain as its sorted itself. I did wonder if I'd 'synced' it with a device that had the wrong date? Would that have that effect?